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Paint the Sky

I make and paint these handmade baltic birch traditional boomerangs. Each boomerang is right or left hand specific so please choose which hand you throw from in the drop down menu. They have an outward range of approx 40 yards with approx 100 yard circumference/total distanced in return. You can expect 6 seconds hang time or time aloft up to 10 seconds on extended height throws Watch me throw one These #OhioBooms. ( boomerangs)are the real thing real deal! Each order quantity is specified along with which throwing hand.  Options Qnty 1 Righthand $15.00 USD Qnty 1 Lefthand $15.00 USD Qnty 2 Righthanded $25.00 USD Qnty 2 Lefthanded $25.00 USD Qnty 2 Right and Left handed $25.00 USD